About Us

Pitman Plummer Terrier kennels were established in 1997 when we purchased a dog puppy with the Hermitage prefix. Soon after that we purchased two bitches, the first from N.P.G. and the second from Wyremead kennels. These were from some of the best working stock of the time.

These dogs formed the basis of our early breeding plans.

In 2000 Brimar Plummer Terriers were formed using the same base stock as Pitman's and has since gone on to breed some outstanding, typey stock that are correct to breed standard.

We also believe in breeding for both Function and Form. Function meaning how the dogs perform in the field, doing the job they have been bred for, and Form, meaning how the dogs look.

We firmly believe you can have the best of both worlds and have a handsome dog that excels at whatever task you require of it.




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