Pitman & Brimar Pups

There is a lot of thought and research of bloodlines that goes before we decide to breed. Only superior quality stud dogs are chosen that compliment our bitches both physically and genetically.

Our aim is to improve with each generation and maintain the unique qualities which make this breed one of the most hard working and versatile terrier breeds in the UK. The results speak for themselves!


Pitman's Mo x Remlap Taz at Cwym Garw plummer terrier puppiesPitman's Pagan at 10 weeks oldBrimar Alfie - Josrhy Noodles at Brimar x Oakfield BladePitman's Pagan at BrimarPitman's Pagan at BrimarBrimar Rex (Harvey) - Josrhy Noodles x Oakfield BladeTrian puppies out of Trian Misty x Brimar Coenwulf at Pitman's

Brimar Coenwulf x Trian MistyBrimar Jack at Hemmingfield - Josrhy red at Brimar x Brimar Coenwulf at Pitman'sBrimar Jack at Hemmingfield - Josrhy Red at Brimar x Brimar Coenwulf at Pitman'sBrimar puppies - Josrhys Noodles x Oakfield BladeBrimar BillyPitman's Pagan & Oakfield Venus at Pitman's

Occasionally we have pups for sale, please email us to discuss plummer terrier ownership with a view to adding yourself on to our puppy waiting list.