Pitman's Kennel Page

Pitman Plummer Terrier Kennel is situated on the outskirt of Sunderland in the Northeast of England.

Here are the dogs we have at the moment as well as my first bitch NPG Misty at Pitman's who sadly passed away in 2005.

Hermitage Scrummy at Pitman's:

Scrummy was sired by Champion Raggengill Nailor at Sonatal, who was one of the hardest worked dogs in his day, owned by Mr Balloch and bred by Brian Plummer. His dam is a bitch named Welsh Tara, who came from the renowned kennels of Mr Richards.

Scrummy is over 10 years old now and still going strong. His nose is unfaltering and when mated to Wyremead Belle, has produced pups with an outstanding sense of smell as well as conformation.

Brimar Coenwulf at Pitman's (Co):

Co is the result of an Aunty/Nephew mating of Trian Bosco over a bitch named Pitman's English Rose at Brimar. Line breeding to some of the foundation stock of Pitman and Brimar - Scrummy and Belle.

He stands at 12.5" tall and has good substance. He has sired a number of litters so far - the first to Joshry Red at Brimar and the Second to Trian Misty. Pictures of his offspring from those litters can be seen on the Puppies page. Being linebred himself, he throws his type in his offspring and imparts good bone and head structure to his descendents.

He has had some success in the show ring, winning best puppy at Wolsingham Agricultural Show in 2006 and best puppy at Midland Game Fair 2006. He has also placed second at Selby Game Fair in 2007, the Midland Game Fair 2007 & also 2008 in the Breed standard classes.

Oakfield Venus at Pitman's:

Venus is a strong bitch with plenty of substance. Her most noticeable feature is her black mask and excellent colouration. Bred by Oakfield kennels out of a bitch named Stonyford China at Oakfield and sired by Champion Wyremead Zorro at Oldhall.

She possesses an excellent hunting drive with a laid back temperament. Her most recent achievement in the show ring was coming in reserve in the puppy class at the Plummer Terrier Association Championship Show in 2008.

Pitman's Tamra:

Tamra is a bitch bred out of Pitman's Pagan and sired by Supreme Champion Lakota Gall at Tallahassee. Born in March 2009, she had to be rehomed by her original owner and so came back home to Pitman Kennels. She stands at approximately 12" to the shoulder and has the temperament i like to see in my terriers; very forward, outgoing and keen in her prey drive.

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