Work & Pest Control

Ultimately this page is what the breed is all about. The Plummer Terrier was created to be an all round sporting terrier that could be used in all manner of pest control situations.

The Pitman and Brimar kennels are members of the Ryhope Rat Pack along with Trian Plummer Terriers. The Ryhope Rat Pack provide a free pest control service for land owners, farmers and game keepers throughout the year.

This is an essential service where other types of pest control prove either in-effective or the environment is unsuitable for other forms of control.

By using our pest control services, land owners, farmers and game keepers get to see the real results of how we carry out the service. There is face to face contact every step of the way and not just a quarterly visit to put down poisons which can seriously endanger and even kill other species of wildlife indescriminately once it has entered the food chain. All property, boundaries and livestock are treated with the utmost respect.

Pitman & Brimar Plummer Terriers Pest Control

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